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Student Careers

Student Careers

Our careers programme is designed to meet the needs of our students and raise awareness of their abilities and the extent of options available.

It engages students and enables them to make informed, realistic choices about their future.

Each year group benefits from their own unique #standout programme, offering a range of opportunities including access to top universities, external speakers and businesses, taster days, work experience, events and workshops.

Year 7

Geek Programme

Geek is a designed award to help students to prepare and develop valuable skills:

Growth Mindset: Starts with a belief that intelligence can be developed

Excellence: The quality of being first rate or outstanding

Empathy: The ability to understand or share the feelings of another

Knowledge: Facts, information or skills acquired through education or experience

Year 8 and 9

PLEdge Programme

This provides opportunities for students to demonstrate the development of important attributes for life:

  • Leadership

  • Organisation

  • Resilience

  • Initiative

  • Communication

These areas are very attractive to further education and future employers. This helps gain a nationally recognised accreditation by completing 8 appropriate activities.

Year 10

16x16 Young People’s Programme

The 16x16 Young People’s Programme aims to raise students' aspirations and support them to secure jobs in the future. Through experiences – including interview practice with an employer, mentoring, work experience, industry days, volunteering, taking part in sports teams, clubs and awards– students develop employability skills and qualities and have a clearer understanding of the pathways and progression routes available to them.

The 16x16 Young People’s Programme forms part of the £1.3 million Luton Investment Framework (LIF) Skills and Opportunities Programme. More information can be found here: https://www.luton.gov.uk/Business/LIF/lif-skills/Pages/16x16-young-persons-programme.aspx

Year 11

Post-16 Passport

The Post-16 Passport helps consolidate all the different skills, qualities and experiences to start making informed choices after GCSE’s; and helps to provide valuable guided reflection to consider next steps and what choices to make.


We are delighted to have achieved the Quality in Careers Standard through Career Mark, a nationally recognised award and one of the highest accolades a school can receive for excellence in this area.

Please click below to see our certificate:

Career Mark Certificate



"I am so delighted with the success of this award gained by our incredible school. It clearly demonstrates the relentless focus and guidance we give to our students in preparing them for their future goals.” Mrs Shah, Careers Leader

Careers Policy

Careers Policy


SLT Lead Curriculum: Mr C Stainsby

Careers Leader responsible for CEIAG: Mrs Jayshree Shah


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