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Queen Elizabeth School focuses on providing high-quality pastoral care as this is essential in supporting students to make excellent progress in their learning and develop into successful young adults.

The school’s values of Ambition, Integrity, Determination and Kindness are at the heart of our pastoral structure.

We are committed to a positive approach and, whenever possible use praise and rewards to motivate and encourage the students. We have clear behaviour standards which students are expected to follow at all times and this is underpinned by appropriate sanctions, as set out in the school’s behaviour policy. Students are individually valued and well-supported.

All students are allocated to a tutor group, which meets daily for registration and pastoral care and support. A student's form tutor is responsible for overseeing their pastoral care, academic progress and personal development and should be the first person that parents contact if they wish to discuss their child. The tutor’s most important task is to build positive, personal relationships with, and between, students and with their parents in a way that fully supports the child’s development.  


pastoral structure year teams 2023 24.pdf


Our Heads of Year have overall responsibility for the efficiency and effectiveness of their tutor teams, an overview of student progress and the general welfare and behaviour of students within the year group and they are further supported by a Year Support Assistant.

Year Head of Year Year Support Assistant
Year 7 Mrs K Porthouse Mrs L Tavener
Year 8 Mr D Finn Mr R Browne & Mrs L Tavener
Year 9 Mrs S Walker Mr R Browne 
Year 10 Mrs A Cummins Mrs L Porter
Year 11 Mr A El-Hendi Mrs B Wacey

Working in conjunction with our Pastoral Team is our Family Liaison Officer, Mrs D Clarke who can offer guidance and support on all aspects of school life whether that is uniform, transport or student well being.

House System

Queen Elizabeth School's House System is a vertical structure, with students from Years 7 to 11 in each House. Each tutor group will have a mixture of students from each house, and students will be assigned to a House when they enter the school. In most cases, siblings will belong to the same House.

The House System gives students the opportunity to be involved in a wide variety of competition based activities. The aim is to encourage all students to get involved in the many inter-house competitions within subjects and through their involvement in extra-curricular activities. We seek to motivate, encourage, reward and celebrate achievement in a positive and fair manner.

Each House is led by a Head of House, who is assisted by House Captains and Vice House captains in each year group. This House leadership team strive to encourage and motivate all the students in their house to give their best endeavours in all of the inter-house competitions.

Each of our Houses are named after one of the UK’s top performing universities.

House Head of House
Bath Miss E Ruse
Cambridge Miss E Arane
Durham Miss B Paul
Loughborough Mr H Thurstance
Oxford Mrs D Wilson
St Andrews

Miss E Crawford

Student Welfare

Queen Elizabeth School has a dedicated Student Welfare Officer, who is available to support students with any medical conditions or any welfare needs.  Please call 01582 436100 ext 224 if you need to provide information on your child's medical needs.

Signature Partnership Charter

 Signature Partnership Charter