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Queen Elizabeth School



Senior Leadership Team







Teaching Staff

Mrs V Abbott - Director of Communication, Literacy and Language

Mrs Y Ahad - Science Teacher

Mr R Antcliff - Subject Leader - PE

Miss E Arane - Geography Teacher

Miss N Bheekhun - Trainee English Teacher

Mr A Bishop - Subject Leader - Maths

Ms A Caballero - MFL Teacher

Miss V Cooke - Subject Leader - RS

Miss D Cornwall - Science Teacher

Mr A Crane - Trainee Geography Teacher

Miss E Crawford - Subject Leader - Dance

Miss M Derby - Maths Teacher

Mr P Diby - MFL Teacher

Mrs D Edwards Daley - English Teacher

Mr M Evans - Music and History Teacher

Mrs S Flannery - Science Teacher

Miss E Gill - Subject Leader - Geography

Ms R Goode - Subject Leader - Music & Deputy SENDCO

Mr D Gould - PE Teacher

Mrs D Habashanti - Subject Leader - Technology

Mr R Halladey - Geography Teacher / Head of Year

Miss H Hanif - Trainee Science Teacher

Mrs F Harper-Davies - Science Teacher

Mrs C Herrington - Subject Leader - MFL

Mr J Holder - IT Teacher

Mr A Hussain - Maths Teacher

Mrs D Jones - Maths Teacher

Mr M Kazim - Maths Teacher

Mr N Latif - Director of STEM

Ms N Love - MFL Teacher

Miss C Lynch - English Teacher

Mr S McBride - Subject Leader - History

Mrs J McDonald - Subject Leader - Drama

Ms E McMorrow - Subject Leader - Art 

Miss S Mohammed - Subject Leader - English

Mr B Mohyuddin - Subject Leader - IT

Miss A Noreen - Science Teacher

Mrs N Noreen - Subject Leader - Science

Mr M Parsons - Maths Teacher

Miss V Petkova - Trainee Science Teacher

Mrs K Phillips-Riley - English Teacher

Mr M Pietruch - EAL Teacher

Mrs S Potter - Maths Teacher

Ms R Rowe - Art Teacher

Miss E Ruse - PE Teacher

Mrs J Shah - SMSC Lead Practitioner

Mrs K Suthagar - Science Teacher

Ms A Talat - English Teacher

Mrs L Thomas - Maths Teacher

Mr H Thurstance - Humanities Teacher

Mrs R Vanneck Lloyd - English Teacher

Miss P Walker - RS Teacher

Mrs N White-Reid - English Teacher

Miss A Williams - PRP Manager

Support Staff

Miss D Allen - Attendance Officer

Miss D Anthony - Inclusion & T&L Admin

Miss T Black - Business Support Officer

Mrs Y Broderick - Business Support Officer

Mrs L Browne - PA to Headteacher

Mr R Browne - Year Support Assistant

Miss N Cambridge - Admin Assistant

Mrs R Chowdhury - Mid-Day Supervisor

Miss C Clarke - Head of Year

Mrs D Clarke - Behaviour Support Assistant

Mrs L Conran - SIMS & Cover Manager

Mrs T Corkish - Project Co-ordinator

Mrs A Cummins - Head of Year

Mrs D Day - Exams Officer

Mr C Dodd - HLTA - English/PRP

Mrs A Foxen - Learning Support Assistant

Mrs S Garrett - Science Technician

Miss R Gillborn - HLTA 

Mrs M Goldenberg - Receptionist

Mr R Halladey - Head of Year

Mrs A Higgins - Food Technician

Miss L Hopton - Cover Supervisor

Mrs R Horsler - Performing Arts Technician

Mr J Humphreys - IT Technician

Miss S Jaber - Whole School Safeguarding Manager

Miss B James - Mid-Day Supervisor

Mrs Z Katon - Learning Support Assistant - EAL

Mrs B Kundi - Learning Support Assistant

Mrs G Marchant - Admissions Officer

Miss K Miller - Clerk to the Governors

Mrs I Moradi - Cover Supervisor

Ms J Morys - Year Support Assistant

Miss E Norris - DT Technician

Mrs A North - Learning Support Assistant

Miss K O'Connor - Art Technician

Mr R Parkes - Learning Support Assistant

Miss B Paul - HLTA 

Mrs L Porter - Year Support Assistant

Mrs K Porthouse - Head of Year

Mrs K Pratt - Resources Officer

Mr S Price - Science Technician

Mrs P Rahman - HLTA

Mr G Richmond - AWP-Caretaker

Mrs J Rogerson - Office Manager

Mrs J Rolls - Data Manager

Mr S Sandiford - Behaviour Support Assistant 

Mr A Saxty - ICT Manager

Mrs K Saxty - Learning Support Assistant

Ms S Simmons - Learning Support Assistant

Miss B Smith - Welfare Officer

Mrs M Vlaanderen - Mid-Day Supervisor

Mrs B Wacey - Year Support Assistant

Mrs S Walker - Head of Year

Mrs T Whitman - Science Cleaner

Mrs D Wilson - HLTA - PE

Miss C Woodcock - Business Support Assistant

Mrs S Yates - Learning Resource Centre Manager

Contacting Members of Staff

We recommend that parents use EduLink to contact teaching staff in the first instance.

However if you need to contact an individual member of staff by email, please use the following format; first initial+surname @qesluton.co.uk