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GCSE Results 2020/21

Congratulations to the class of 2021 who have achieved exceptional results this year! Headline figures show an upward trajectory of progress and achievement from last year and we are delighted to share that these are the school’s best ever results.

Highlights include:

  • 65% awarded a grade 4 or above in Maths and English
  • 41% awarded a grade 5 or above in Maths and English
  • 100% 9-4 grades in Biology, Chemistry and Physics with 21% awarded 9-7 grades
  • 77% 9-4 grades in Computer Science
  • 70% 9-4 grades in Humanities (Geography and History)
  • 85% 9-4 grades in French
  • 82% 9-4 grades in Dance
  • 88% 9-4 grades in Drama
  • Progress score*: +0.17  (*calculated using 2019 national data)

We are committed to expanding our curriculum to include a range of academic and vocational subjects, offering students the chance to develop their knowledge and skills in preparation for further study, training and employment across a range of different industries. With our specialist facilities and teachers, we are delighted to be celebrating 100% distinction pass and star grades in Construction, Hospitality and Catering, Child Development and Health and Fitness!

In a cohort full of individuals who have their own unique strengths and talents, special mention must be made of those who have achieved an outstanding set of results:

Arjan achieved an exceptional set of results with seven 9s, one 8 and two 7s. He is delighted to be joining Luton Sixth Form College in September to study Maths, Biology and Chemistry. He is setting his sights on securing a place at the University of Oxford in the future to read Medicine. His advice to younger students starting their GCSEs is to revise from the beginning of the year and never give up.

Fahima is elated with her results, achieving a fantastic set of results including three 9s, six 8s and an A*. She is delighted to be joining Luton Sixth Form College to study Biology, Chemistry and Maths. Fahima looks forward to securing a place at university to read Dentistry in the future. Fahima is aiming for a practical career where she can make a difference. She praises the teachers’ ongoing efforts to ensure that teaching and learning was outstanding during lockdown and commented on how it was this that kept her motivated at home.

Mahima’s superb results has secured her a place at Luton Sixth Form College to study Maths, Biology and Chemistry. She achieved a fantastic set of results including four 9s, four 8s, one 7 and an A* and hopes to continue her success to read Medicine at University in the future. She credits her supportive teachers in enabling her to achieve her successes.

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Headteacher Mrs McPherson commented: 

Congratulations to everyone collecting their results today. The students’ commitment and high aspirations has been inspiring and we are so proud of each and every one of them. My sincerest thanks to every member of staff for their unwavering commitment to set the highest standards across the school. The school has made outstanding progress over the last year and students are clearly benefiting as a result of our ongoing efforts to provide outstanding opportunities and experiences for all. I am excited for the new academic year to watch the school continue to go from strength to strength.

2018/19 Performance measures

Below is the most recent set of outcomes that can be published when all students sat GCSE exams nationally in public exam conditions. These results are pre-pandemic (2018/19) when the school was known as Ashcroft High School.

Measures 2018 / 2019 Outcomes 2017/18 Outcomes 2016/17 Outcome
Progress 8 score -0.33 -0.8 0.16
Attainment 8 Score 41.8 37.3 46.4
% of students that that achieved 5 or above in both English and Maths 35 19 29
English Baccalaureate average point score 3.4 N/A N/A
% of students entered for the English Baccalaureate 21 18 18
% of students staying in education or employment after leaving the school 93 89 91

Performance Tables

A full outline of our school's examination performance can be accessed via the Department for Education website.

To see how we compare to other schools, you can click through to the DfE performance tables.