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Mental Health

Mental Health

Supporting our students' mental health is very important to us at QES.

We encourage students to be informed about their mental health and wellbeing, using tutor time and PSHE lessons to explore the subject. 

At QES, we are fortunate enough to have a team of highly skilled counsellors based within the school everyday. In 2021, we expanded our provision to include support from Grow, a company working in the region, who work therapeutically with individuals and groups. 

We also link in with Youthscape and work closely with CAMHS (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service). Students are referred by members of staff, parents or they can refer themselves for counselling opportunities.

Grow Therapeutic coaching

Nothing is more important to the team at Grow than the wellbeing of our young people and those who work with them. As a therapeutic consultancy we have over thirty five combined years of experience working with young people, families, educators and outside services in a wide range of settings. We provide one to one sessions both face to face and online, but can also offer group work for those facing similar challenges.

Each one of our therapists are committed to giving our clients the tools they need to help with whatever issues they may currently be facing. We offer a flexible and adaptable process of therapeutic intervention, tailoring each session to the requirements of each individual ensuring a personal service with the very best outcome.

So, what would you see us for?  Well, the short answer is any issues that might be interfering with day to day life. A few examples would be sleep problems, anxiety, lack of self-esteem, dealing with any negative effects of the recent lockdowns or significant life changes such as bereavement or divorce. For more information on how we can help you or a young person you know, speak to Sara Jaber in school.

Mental Health Support Documents

Parents Guide to Supporting Mental Health