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The Learning Resource Centre (LRC)

All students are automatically members of our LRC and may borrow up to three books for up to three weeks (longer if there is a holiday). The return date is always recorded inside the book. 

Students must ensure they have a book for every LRC lesson as this is considered part of their equipment list. If they do not have a book, it will result in a correction being issued.

Students are now expected to change and renew their school LRC books during lunch time or after school, or they are welcome to bring a reading book from home. If students bring a book from home, we ask that parents/carers ensure it is appropriate for the student’s age. Students should make use of the ‘drop box’ located outside E block, if they are unable to visit the LRC in person to return a book. 

In the first instance we will communicate with your child if their book is overdue as this encourages them to take accountability for themselves. Books issued to students become their responsibility and the replacement charge for any loss or damage will be requested.  We use our library management system (Oliver) to notify you of any overdue items or fines outstanding.

If there are extenuating circumstances which result in the student not being able to change or renew their books during lunch or after school, or have a reading book from home, please encourage the student to speak with Mrs Animashaun, LRC Teacher in the first instance.

The LRC is open to students every lunchtime, Monday to Friday and after school from 15:00 to 15:45 on a Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Reading is very important to every child’s education and we encourage students to have an appropriately challenging book with them to read every day. Students should be reading daily for at least 20 minutes; if possible listen to your child reading and discuss the book and any challenging content with them. Please encourage your child to read a variety of genres covering both fiction and non-fiction text. 

Audiobooks are also great and can offer a more immersive experience, allowing listeners to focus on the content without the distractions of visual processing.

Useful links                                                              

Luton Libraries - information on all the services provided by the local libraries in Luton

Project Gutenberg - a free resource providing access to over 70000 ebooks

Oliver - is the LRC database/catalogue of books. This can be searched by word, genre, subject, title, author or series and will show if we have a book in stock. 

Accelerated Reader (AR) - is used by Key Stage 3 students (Year 7,8 and 9) to improve their reading. The link is useful to check which books are on AR and at what level.

Students should speak to Mrs Animashaun if they require assistance using the above links.