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Home Learning

Home Learning

QES Signature Home Learning Approach


At Queen Elizabeth School we set purposeful, meaningful and achievable Home Learning. In order for Home Learning to be effective, tasks will have at least one of the following aims:

  • Consolidate, embed and review learning from the classroom
  • Extend existing knowledge
  • Prepare students for future learning
  • Develop student’s personal study skills, including but not limited to revision skills, time management, responsibility for their learning and organisation

Why is Home Learning important?

Research shows that Home Learning which is purposeful, focused and linked to the scheme of learning has a positive impact on student learning and progress. The evidence shows that the impact of Home Learning, on average, is five months additional progress (Education Endowment Foundation 2020).

Setting Home Learning

At Queen Elizabeth School we set Home Learning on Google Classroom, following the Home Learning timetable which can be found below and in the Google Classroom for each year group. We give students at least one week to complete Home Learning activities.

Key Stage 3 (Years 7, 8 & 9)

We set Home Learning that will take up to 30 minutes to complete for each timetable subject.

Students will receive Home Learning of up to 1 hour per night. When students have spent 30 minutes attempting the work, they are encouraged to stop and seek further support from their teacher in school before their next lesson. Maths, English, Science and MFL will be set weekly, with all other subjects on a rota. At Queen Elizabeth School we do not to set Home Learning across holiday periods for Key Stage 3 students. We recognise that family time is precious and we want our students to rest and enjoy creative, cultural and sporting activities during the holidays.

Year 7 Home Learning Timetable

Year 8 Home Learning Timetable

Year 9 Home Learning Timetable

Key Stage 4 (Years 10 & 11)

Students at KS4 should expect weekly Home Learning tasks for option subjects and RS to take up to 60 minutes to complete and Maths, English and Science to take up to 2 hours to complete. This means students can have up to 2 hours per week night. At Queen Elizabeth School we only set the essential Home Learning needed for controlled assessment or exam preparation for Key Stage 4 over the holidays.
Year 10 Home Learning TimetableYear 11 Home Learning Timetable


Teachers will:

  • Set purposeful Home Learning and be clear how it will support student’s learning
  • Set Home Learning that is a good use of the student’s time to maximise learning and progress
  • Set achievable Home Learning that is differentiated, inclusive and varied as appropriate
  • Provide feedback in line with our Signature Teaching and Learning Approach (Assess)
  • Reward students for effort and attainment in completing Home Learning

Students will:

  • Check Google Classroom daily for the Home Learning that has been set
  • Allow time to complete all Home Learning to a standard that reflects their true ability and best efforts
  • Attempt Home Learning at the earliest possible opportunity, so they have time to seek support from their teacher in advance of the deadline

Parents are encouraged to:

  • Support your child with planning and organising Home Learning to ensure all work is completed to a standard that reflects their true ability and best efforts
  • Provide your child with a suitable place and the right equipment to work or encourage them to attend Home Learning Club
  • Use Google Guardian to monitor the completion of Home Learning and encourage deadlines to be met
  • Check your child understands what Home Learning needs to be completed
  • Communicate with the school if your child is experiencing difficulty with Home Learning or accessing a device

 home learning timetables

Year 7 Home Learning Timetable

Year 8 Home Learning Timetable

Year 9 Home Learning Timetable

Year 10 Home Learning Timetable

Year 11 Home Learning Timetable