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Health & Social Care

Health & Social Care

Students studying health and social care will walk away with a solid understanding of examining issues such as quality of life, the importance of support when improving health, personal development and relationships.

The qualification Level 2 NCFE Cache Level 2 Technical Award in health and social care will be a platform to the next part of their journey in education. As well as being clearly sequenced and building towards a clear end-point, the course addresses typical gaps in pupils' knowledge and skills. The course provides support for putting theory into practice by offering case studies and reflective questions to provoke discussion and to help support improvement.

A scheme of work is used to provide the framework and guide to the teaching and learning of health and social care over a period of time. The scheme of work includes formative and summative assessment activities to inform the teaching and learning of the concepts, knowledge and skills as the scheme progresses. 

Materials are adapted and templates are used for students who require extra support and guidance. Visual presentations are used to deliver information more directly.

Key Stage 3:

Health and social care is only studied at KS4 (GCSE) as an options subject.

Key Stage 4:

TAHSC 1: Introduction to the health and social care sector

Topics include:

  • types of provision: function and purpose 
  • job roles of health and social care practitioners
  • access/referral procedures
  • ever-changing care needs
  • formal and informal care provision
  • regulation and inspection.

TAHSC 2: Professional practice and the health and social care practitioner

Topics include:

  • responsibilities, skills, behaviours and attributes of health and social care practitioners 
  • professional practice
  • professional development
  • legal frameworks, values and guidance
  • components of person-centred practice
  • teamwork and partnership working
  • career pathways.

 TAHSC 3: Human growth and development through the life stages 

Topics include:

  • Stages of development from conception to birth 
  • Potential effects on development of pre-conception, pre-birth and during birth experiences 
  • Life stages: infancy to late adulthood 
  • Holistic development 
  • Theoretical perspectives
  • Factors impacting on human growth and development
  • Transition and significant life events across life stages 
  • The role of care planning in relation to meeting individual needs and promoting well-being. 



  • Exam board - NCFE CACHE.
  • There will be one 1 hour 30 mins exam at the end of Year 11.
  • The synoptic external assessment contributes to 45.5% of the qualification grade.
  • 84 marks.
  • The scenario based short answer examination will consist of a mixture of multiple-choice questions and short answer questions.
  • Externally marked and graded pass, merit or distinction.
  • Questions will be on application of knowledge and understanding from across the units TAHSC 1, 2 and 3.


  • There are three internally marked units (coursework): TAHSC 1, 2 and 3 graded pass, merit or distinction.
  • 54.5% of the qualification grade.


Students are encouraged to do further research into the subject, for example by using books and websites, compiling presentations or making posters.

Key Skills you will learn:

During the course you will gain the following employability skills:

  • Team working: respecting others, co-operating, contributing and leading discussions.
  • Problem solving: applying creative thinking to develop appropriate solutions.
  • Communication and literacy: ability to produce clear, structured written work and oral literacy (speaking and listening). 

Next Steps:


  • Technical Level 3 Certificate in health and social care.
  • May also progress to an apprenticeship route in health and social care at either level 2 or level 3.


  • Care assistants
  • Key workers
  • Healthcare assistants 
  • Support workers


 Head of Department; Miss E Crawford - ecrawford@qesluton.co.uk