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Governors are responsible for overseeing the management side of the school; strategy, policy, budgeting and staffing.

They enable the school to run as effectively as possible, working alongside senior leaders and supporting staff to provide excellent education to children. They are also involved in the school community, acting as 'critical friends' to the Headteacher and Senior Leadership Team.

QES is a Foundation School. This means it is slightly different to a Local Authority (LA) Maintained School. As a Foundation School the Governors have a greater degree of independence from the LA, allowing them to set the admissions policy and more freedom to appoint staff, amongst other things.

The Governing Body of QES is comprised of:

  • 4x Co-opted Governors - appointed onto the Governing Body by other members.

  • 2x Parent Governors - Governors with children at the school. They are elected onto the Governing Body by other parents.

  • 3x Staff Governors - Governors who are current members of staff. They are elected onto the Governing Body by other members of staff.

  • 2x Partnership Governors - members of the community served by the school appointed by the Governing Body. Partnership Governors are instead of Foundation Governors where it isn't a church school.

  • 1x Local Authority Governor - nominated by the LA but appointed by the Governing Body, they are typically an elected Councillor.

  • Headteacher - automatically a permanent member of the Governing Body when they take up their post.

Contacting the Governors

The Chair of Governors can be contacted by emailing chairofgovernors@qesluton.co.uk or by post to the school office. Alternatively, you can contact the Clerk to the Governing Body via kmiller@qesluton.co.uk

Who are our Governors

Below you can see a list of our current Governors, their Governor type, roles within the Governing Body and their terms of office.


Governor Type


Term start

Term end

Mr Stephen Barrett

Co-opted Governor


16 Dec 2020

15 Dec 2024

Mrs Rhoda McPherson





Miss Katherine Miller 





Cllr Terry Keens

Local Authority Governor


11 Dec 2019

10 Dec 2023

Mrs Angela Alabsi

Parent Governor


19 Jul 2019

18 Jul 2023

Mr Imran Ali

Parent Governor

Vice Chair

10 Nov 2017

09 Nov 2021

Mrs Susan Arabi

Parent Governor


19 Jul 2019

18 Jul 2023

Dr Bushra 

Partnership Governor


01 Dec 2017

30 Nov 2021

Previous Members of the Governing Body

Mr David Ramasar

Parent Governor              


10 Nov 2017

23 Feb 2021

Miss Fiona McGlone

Co-opted Governor


19 May 2020

03 Feb 2021

Ms Angela McCarrick

Co-opted Governor


21 Jan 2020

14 Sept 2020


Declarations of Interest

Governing Body Meeting Attendance 2020-21

Governing Body Meeting Attendance 2019-20