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Equality Diversity

Equality & Diversity

Every member of the school belongs, contributes and values each other.

Diversity is respected, celebrated and considered a benefit both socially and educationally. A film is shown to our new Year 7s, created by the students, to celebrate them joining this diverse and kind family in the first few days of them arriving in September each year.

The promotion of anti-discrimination, equal opportunities and good relations between people with one or more of the 9 characteristics and those without (Equality Act 2010, Public sector Duty), is the strong thread that fulfils our school ethos and its practices ‘ A learning community, driven by high expectations and respect for all’.

Equality data is available on request and the school is working towards the following equality objectives:

  • Providing Equality training for all staff through face to face and on-line training

  • Closing the attainment gap for White Pupil Premium boys

  • Improving the attendance of SEND

  • Reducing the number of prejudice-related incidents

  • Increasing understanding and dialogue between students of different faiths/no faith through ‘The Feast’ project, now in its third year.