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At Queen Elizabeth School we believe every student, no matter what their current level of ability, should have the opportunity to develop their creative and physical skills through Dance.

The Dance curriculum is designed to develop students' self-confidence, artistic appreciation, cultural understanding, social skills, teamwork, communication and self-awareness.

Students experience a broad range of dance styles from contemporary to capoeira and other popular dance styles. Students are taught both how to appreciate and analyse professional Dance works and how to critique their own and others' performances and compositions to enable a continuous process of self-development. Students' self-confidence and empathy is refined through regular opportunities to choreograph their own compositions and perform to their peers.

We take the artistic qualities of dance and the symbolic use of movement to express and communicate ideas and concepts through performance, choreography and appreciation.

key Stage 3:

All students will participate in a six-week block of dance twice per year.

 Students are introduced to the key components of dance. 

They develop their choreographic and performance skills through a range of dance styles, starting points and themes.

They are assessed at the end of their six-week block.

Key Stage 4:

GCSE students follow the AQA GCSE Dance syllabus. 

This requires students to study six professional dance works, create their own choreography from a chosen stimulus, perform two set dances, and a group performance. GCSE dance is 60% practical and 40% theory.


There are many opportunities for students to participate in dance activities beyond the curriculum whether or not they choose to take dance as an examination subject at Key Stage 4. 

These include performing at Queen Elizabeth School, the local Grove Theatre, the GCSE Dance Conference in London, and the many school productions that take place every year. 

To enhance students’ appreciation of dance they are also invited to attend days of dance both in and out of school, theatre trips, and theatre performances throughout the year.

Key Skills you will learn:

  • Choreographic skills
  • Performance Skills
  • Appreciation skills

Next Steps:


  • Performer
  • Choreographer
  • Freelance teacher
  • High school/ college/ university dance teacher
  • Fitness instructor
  • Pilates instructor
  • Dance therapist
  • Dance photographer
  • Dance journalist
  • Dance lecturer
  • Dance science
  • Stunt double
  • Dance writer
  • Personal trainer
  • Health & nutritionist


  • A/S or A Level in Performing Arts Dance 
  • BTEC Performing Arts Dance
  • Degree Performing Arts Dance 
  • Masters Performing Arts Dance
  • PhD in Performing Arts Dance 


Head of Department: Miss E Crawford ecrawford@qesluton.co.uk