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Students will gain the knowledge and understanding to be able to plan how to minimise risk to their own and others health and safety in different contexts.

Students will be taught to interpret technical information and to plan the refurbishment of a building, taking account of health and safety issues. They will use appropriate skills and techniques to carry out the refurbishment. Students will apply and use learning from the development of practical skills and health and safety requirements of construction processes and gain the knowledge and understanding needed to plan straightforward built environment development projects.

Key Stage 3:

Construction is only taught from Key Stage 4.

Key Stage 4:

Unit 1: Safety and Security in Construction

This is an externally assessed unit with an exam at the end of the course and worth 25% of the students’ overall grade.  Students will evaluate health & safety along with security in construction in preparation for the exam.  

Unit 2: Practical Construction Skills

Throughout this unit students will learn to interpret technical information in order to identify materials, tools and equipment needed to complete construction tasks. Students will develop a range of construction skills which can be used during construction processes, ensuring they take account of any health and safety issues. 

Unit 3: Planning Construction Projects: Coursework

Through this unit Students will learn about different types of jobs that exist in the construction sector and how these jobs contribute to successful projects. Students will develop an understanding of the processes that are followed by people working in construction that ensure projects are successful. Students will use the knowledge and understanding they have acquired through carrying out practical construction tasks and consideration of safety and security of construction processes, together with planning skills developed through this unit, so that students can plan construction projects. 


  •  STEM workshops
  • Craft club

Key skills You will Learn:

  • Carpentry
  • Bricklaying
  • Electricals
  • Plastering
  • Plumbing 
  • Painting & Decorating 
  • Tiling

Next Steps:

Careers & Courses

 This course will provide valuable experience and is likely to help them access a variety of post 16 construction courses at colleges or go straight into employment at apprenticeship level.

Many students go on to obtain apprenticeships in building, plumbing, electrical installation, painting and decorating, plastering and carpentry.


Head of Department: Mrs D Habashanti dhabashanti@qesluton.co.uk